About us

Once upon a time… designs to reconsider jewelry. Ethical forms that value handmade art. We do not want to represent but to be. The mark of the process is not masked, it does not disappear.
The blow of the hammer is the piece itself. Improvise as an energetic and purifying act. Origin, present and future. The freshness of the immediate work. The sense of humour fit on us quite nicely,
they tell us..
We will never, never walk alone.
Roberto and victoria in their atelier
At Roberto&Victoria Cult Jewelry we create unique pieces and collections with an artistic, eclectic and personal vision. A work that sublimates the process and responds to a research path in concepts, forms, and materials. We are inspired by encounter, observation, experience and memory. Each jewel is a story, sometimes intuitive, built with its own language in silver, gold or bronze to which we incorporate stones, words or ancient elements that we recreate with another look. Contemporary voice, individuality, self-expression and nonconformity. Jewels that are not what they seem. Global perspective from the local culture. Do not do, be. That’s entertainment.