Roberto & Victoria's proposals are open
and allow the order: "We work with healthy slowness
to dedicate to each piece the time it deserves".


Gemstones have properties,
these jewels, too. Strength,
sensitivity, rebirth and
self-expression refer to life...

Is about pearls

Recovering a myth: the

pearls, icon of jewelry, fashion

and Haute Couture. A revised classic

with ease and cheekiness.

Unique pieces

All jewelry has a component

craft, although some are

unrepeatable and its special value

makes them unique.

Loose ends

Rings made with threads of

silver that embrace or contain

a central piece. A manual

work that seeks excellence.


With the power of symbols

and the nobility of the materials,

is the commitment collection

by Roberto & Victoria.

Ad hoc

Jewelry necessary for
the best jewelry box imagined.
Pieces to enjoy at
carry them or contemplate them.

Poesía Portátil

Meeting of word and matter

in a limited jewelry edition,

signed and numbered, with poems

and verses by contemporary authors.

Marks on the water

Meta jewelry, upcycling, reuse.

Mixing past, present and future,

create something different: to be alive again

and then, once again, memory.


 Six basic models in silver or gold

that can be incorporated

burin engravings, precious stones,

semiprecious or found elements.


Purity in form and essence

in the materials. Explore
the limits within which matter

seems to be lost but is the protagonist.


Homage to the word,

in silver or bronze, it is personalized

with an exclusive text inside

or the outside of the jewelry.

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