Grupo Duplex

November 2019
Poetry and jewelry, a meeting and two forms of expression. Article written by Beatriz Badás about the Poesiá Portátil Collection: Eleven silver jewels made in collaboration with eleven poets. Photographs by Lorenzo Fuentes.


November 2019
Silver earrings with white agate, silver necklace and silver rings with quartz and stones from the Marks in the Wather and Loose Ends collections. All this published in the November edition of L’Officiel Indonesia magazine. The Editorial is by photographer Jaime Salom, the styling of Andrea Juzga, the makeup and hairdressing of Juan Cansado, the model, Michelle Ichofe of Mad Models.


May 2019
Fashion production by Dogmamoda with production by Elvira Pla and photographs by Sergi Jasanada. Published in the L’Officiel Kazakhstan edition, from May 2019 . Model: Zoe Jade.

Grupo Duplex

November 2018
Just a ring with so much life in the world of jewellery, could treasure such diverse stories. UR 800 is the new collection of Roberto&Victoria, in which a piece with as much history as the seal ring, is reinvented to continue creating moments.

Harper’s Bazaar

Septiembre 2018
Bronze bracelets from the Words collection with different written texts. Published in the September Edition of the magazine Harper’s Bazaar Bulgaria. The Editorial is by photographer Pau Palacios, Styling of África Colado.

Magazine La Vanguardia

Silver ring “Paint and colors” from the “Marks in the water” Colection to paint with marker. The paint could be removed with acetone and can be repainted. Editorial to La Vanguardia Magazine made by the photographer Pau Palacios with styling from África Colado.


“Open source jewelry created with the wax that covers the cheeses Mini babybel” Article by the journalist Gema Lozano, published in “Yorokobu, Take a walk on the slow side” about the Collection Jaç. Photos by Lorenzo Fuentes.

Glamour Bulgaria

Abril 2018
Gold and tourmaline ring and gold bracelet with diamond from the Simplicity Collection. It is a fashion production for Glamour Bulgaria made by the photographer Pau Palacios with styling from África Colado.

Magazine La Vanguardia

Silver choker with red gold and tourmaline bath and red gold ring, both from the Deserto Rosso Collection. Silver trio ring from the Marks in the Water Collection. Editorial of the photographer Sergi Jasanada with styling by Elvira Pla.


Winter 2017-2018
Stopper for water bottle in polished silver Roberto&Victoria cult Jewelry. Feature “Food to meet you” by Silvia Micolau in the January issue of the design and trends magazine B-Guided.
Victoria en plata brillante y piel. Publicada en la nueva edición de la revista de Tendencias NEO2.


Roberto&Victoria men’s bracelet in silver and leather. Published in trend magazine NEO2 Nº 151, with editorial design of Naranjo-Extevarria. Photographer Alex Gallego with styling by Fermin Gilles.

Article from Arquitectura y Diseño magazine, online edition, dedicated to our Store-Atelier “The brand Jewelry Roberto & Victoria Cult Jewelry opens in Barcelona” Photographer Pere Peris.

Online magazine of architecture and interior design, dedicates us a report “Roberto&Victoria, a new concept of Jewels”. Photos by Pere Peris.

H. Hombre de Vanguardia

Bronze bracelet with leather Roberto&Victoria, published in the first issue of the new magazine Hombre de Vanguardia of the newspaper La Vanguardia. Photos by Sergi Jasanada, styling by Fermin Gilles, production of Elvira Pla.

Proyecto Contract

The magazineProyecto Contract publishes a great report explaining the the work of the interior designer Andrea Soto Garcia in our store. It is she who has taken care of all the details –like the bespoke furniture- to get a space elegant, cool and cozy, according to our brand.  Interior design by Andrea Soto Garcia

Art i disseny Lourdes Freixa

Grupo Duplex

BCN Fashion is the blog of reference on fashion news in town. We are glad that it publishes an article about the opening of our store.

El País

Roberto&Victoria in the report “10 spaces that cheer up Barcelona” about innovative and atractives places of the city that set a trend. Published by Anna Borrás in El Viajero de El País, with photos by Alfredo Arias.
Pulseras de plástico con antiguas joyas de oro recuperadas, publicadas en el Magazine de La Vanguardia

Magazine La Vanguardia

This two bracelets of Roberto&er;Victoria are unique pieces. Selected and published in MAGAZINE, a Sunday magazine of La Vanguardia, November 13. Thankful to Elvira Pla, Angel Cabezuelo and Sergi Jasanada, the authors of the article, for including our work in this excellent report.

Report in “Small Spanish great jewels that you should not miss”, by Marisa Fatas. The selection consists of three rings from the “Cabos sueltos” collection that are still in our collections. We consider them unique pieces because each one obeys a different stone and we make them by hand.

Magazine La Vanguardia

Extra Fashion Women Autumn Trends. Ring with ruby ​​zoisite from the Cabos Sueltos Collection, published in the Magazine of La Vanguardia. Styling is by Elvira Pla, photography by Sergi Jasanada. Thank you for including our work in this excellent report.

“Roberto&Victoria, jewels with soul”, is the title of the report dedicated to us by this international fashion platform. An article that reviews our trajectory and presents our workshop with an extensive graphic report.