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  • Man
    <p>Very instinctive and vital collections. Jewels in which the material is not an excuse but, in itself, constitutes the piece. Male bracelets and rings are created with strength and a poetic look. Handmade pieces in which the material happens, silver is forged, sculpted and striped according to elemental forms. It is not a matter of submitting to the material but of creating complicities and celebrating the outcome.</p>
  • Simplicity
    <p>The universe is focused on complexity, the simple however is real, tangible and honest. Simplicity is a collection that starts from the complex to reach the simple, the genuine, the particular. Look for purity in form and essence in materials. Explore the boundaries, gold hoops that pretend to disappear. Apparent fragility in necklaces, chokers, bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings that evoke the origin and drive away nostalgia.</p>
  • Engagement
    <p>Some jewels keep their symbolic content beyond a lifetime. They are jewels with meaning that are part of the history of jewelry. With all the force of symbols and matter, our collection of commitment appeals to the essential. Brilliant black and white of extraordinary quality are mimicked with gold. The alliances, created to be and remain duplicated, are lucid, simple and light.</p>
  • Words
    <p>Words is a tribute to the word recreated in jewelry by means of an original, own or literary text and written with the irregular and embossed typeface of DYMO. In silver, bronze or bronze, with minimalist lines and unisex character, Words is a customizable collection that appeals to imagination and creativity and allows you to send a message, hide a wish, or put a letter to a moment.</p>
  • Loose ends
    <p>Rings created with silver threads that embrace, wrap or contain. Artistic works with a sculptural and technically complex concept, composed by a score of independently molded pieces. Its conception does not allow them to be serialized, so it is a collection of unique pieces with different centers that, as guest artists, determine the morphology of the jewel.</p>
  • Marks in the water
    <p>We act and relate jewels of different times and styles to talk about memory through jewelry. The memory of what they were, of those who took them and of our profession. To reinterpret it with freedom, to reverse masculine and feminine, to decontextualize the pieces and transform their function, to mix them to create something different and contemporary, to be again a life and, once again, memory.</p>
  • Deserto rosso
    <p>Beautiful and abstract, the collection is tinged with a reddish color, rich in nuances, textures and somehow, deceives us when naming the collection. Deserto Rosso is not an evocation of the Great Algerian Erg, nor a tribute to Antonioni, or yes… Maybe that and much more. Forms that evoke a past, bright and matte at the same time. Exultant in rings, ironic in earrings, sophisticated in long necklaces and a choker, only one.</p> <p>The presence of the metal is resounding and the stones: tourmalines, crisoprás or garnets illuminate pairs of earrings and choker. Deserto Rosso is a collection made in bronze with a red gold plated of three microns. No other metal would have achieved so much.</p>

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