To buy the products for which this payment platform is available, you must have a PayPal account or pay through this platform with a credit card. The electronic payment operation is carried out outside our equipment, using for them the own PayPal.

You can expand the information in PayPal (

If you are already registered with Roberto & Victoria, you only need to enter your access information. If you are not yet a client of our website, you will have to register by filling out a simple form. It is important that the data provided be true and accurate so that the entire purchase and shipping process is carried out with maximum efficiency. 

To start the purchase, follow the steps indicated by the system.

Roberto & Victoria does not store or record any banking data during the payment transaction.

Purchase Guarantee

Although prices can be revised and modified at any time due to currency fluctuations, Roberto & Victoria guarantees for the buyer the price marked at the time of placing the order.

The client will have the right to withdraw from the contract (which will be exercised in writing, by letter or email) during a period of 15 calendar days without incurring any cost other than those provided for in articles 107.2 and 108 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007. The returns will be borne by the customer and the work must be returned in its original packaging, including all the attached documentation, to the address provided by Roberto & Victoria. Once verified that the status of the work is the same as at the time of delivery to the client, the price paid will be reimbursed once the return costs have been deducted.